Hello Kitty

If this doesn’t say happy holidays then I don’t know what would.

Found this over on Gizmodo:My Old Toaster Exploded and Now I Want This Hello Kitty Toaster

But here’s a cheery thing: a Hello Kitty toaster. It’s cute, rehabilitation and it’ll burn a vague image of Hello Kitty into your toast. It has a reheat, order bagel, gastritis and defrost mode, and it looks sort of like Hello Kitty, were she pressed into a hydraulic mold in the shape of a toaster. It has a four-star rating on Amazon, and is Prime eligible.


Pick up your toaster from Amazon

Blue Cheese & Pear Butter Matafan

toast craft! This is part o a scarf, that I’m now in love with.

toast craft! This is part o a scarf, that I’m now in love with.

raising the bar on gourmet toast

the virgin chloe on my toast!

the virgin chloe on my toast!

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Product Tank Toaster

I want one of these for toasting my baguettes!

see more at www.producttank.co.uk

New York Toast!

New York Toast!

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“News delivered via toast to your breakfast table. Become smarter by eating!”


Urban Craft Uprising

Urban Craft Uprising 04

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I spotted this lovely ceramic bowl done by Phebe Miller of 5pm Studio at the Urban Craft Uprising today. I was very close to buying the toast bowl. Maybe a toast plate would be better for me since I could actually put a piece of toast on it.